• If you have the time,why not combine two projects
  • Volunteering and responsible tourism which is Voluntourism
  • In this way you will create a meaningful journey in Himalayas



Sandeepan Bijraal - Vice Chairman, KPYM HIMACHAL

Born in the beautiful hills of Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. She has spent most of her life in this place and has had done her schooling and had graduated from here. She knows the culture of this place very well as well as the languages, local people and the beautiful places of Himachal. She knows the living conditions of the people, what they want, what are there mindsets etc. This helps her while spreading child education and women empowerment programs.

Mehar Singh - Director and Founder

As a young man, Mehar spent five years as a Wahoe volunteer in Delhi,based in the Delhi office, and has made many visits to the Himalayas since then as he is born and brought up there.

Since his subsequent career was in travel,he decided,that the way in which he could best make a contribution to the people of the Himalayas, who mean so much to him, was by establishing an organisation that would channel resources, both human and financial, directly to schools and villages.Having run Wahoe India travel for eleven years, Mehar is now taking a back seat, but remains as a Director, still retaining responsibility for the accounts, and acting as a co-ordinator for Wahoe.

Mehar has something for everyone, particularly for those of you thinking of visiting the Himalayas as tourists or volunteers, who want to know more about the cultures and religion.

Sapna Kaundal - Director (Volunteer Programme)

Sapna worked for KPYM HIMACHAL as a volunteer teacher in Shimla in 2014and has since run teacher-training seminars in surrounding villages.Sapna has been on the Board of KPYM HIMACHAL for the last one year and took over the administration of the Volunteer Programme in October,2015.

George Harding - KPYM UK Representitive

I'm a 22 year old graduate from London and I volunteered for KPYM in April 2016. I worked on the volunteering project DIGITAL MARKETING in the head office in Shimla.

34 Corkran Road
United Kingdom
Email: georgeharding7@hotmail.com

Rachel Chambers - KPYM USA Representitive

23 year old science graduate who worked in the community development program

Bozeman, Montana USA
Email: chambersrk@gmail.com

Surender Nehta - KPYM India - Representitive

I am 22 years old and represent KPYM Himachal in Delhi.I could be the first face when you land to International Airport Delhi,India.I am always ready to help volunteers,travellers and our precious clients who help us in our educational projects.


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