• If you have the time,why not combine two projects
  • Volunteering and responsible tourism which is Voluntourism
  • In this way you will create a meaningful journey in Himalayas

Discover Himalayas with KPYM HIMACHAL

Discover Himalayas with KPYM HIMACHAL and join one of our fantastic volunteer projects.Get off the beaten track and volunteer for education,conservation,women empowerment and community development.Based of years of experience,practice and indepth field reports,KPYM HIMACHAL present you with the careful selection of excellent yet affordable development educational and women empowerment projects in This part of Himalayan region.

Himachal has been long been the go to destination for people looking for a Himalaya life and adventure.Regardless of how many tourist travel to Himachal each year through,for fewer take the time to learn,experience and explore as a volunteer.

But some people are different.They do not just want to visit the place,they want to feel the place.They would like to immerse themselves in social lifestyle by living and volunteering abroad in Himalayan region.

So,whether that means English teaching to children or community development in villages,Himachal is just as full of volunteering opportunities as it has amazing mountains,beautiful landscapes,treks,hikes and walks.Go on now,explore all the ways you can explore Himachal as more than a tourist.

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